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Class Gift:
Build Paul Robeson Plaza

Class Gift Goal of $200,000

Who is Paul Robeson?

Paul Robeson is arguably the most distinguished, most accomplished Rutgers graduate of all time. This son of a runaway slave was born in Princeton, NJ in 1898. He won a scholarship and became the third African American to attend Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ. Robey, as he was known on campus, was an extraordinary athlete winning a total of 15 varsity letters in football, basketball, baseball and track. He was a two time All American in football, and was elected to the Rutgers Sports Hall of Fame and the NCAA Football Hall of Fame. He graduated Rutgers in 1919 as the Valedictorian, a member of the Cap and Skull Society, the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and won the class oratorical prize four years in succession.

Upon leaving Rutgers Robeson went on to graduate from Columbia Law School. He made the decision to pursue a career as a performing artist and rose to worldwide acclaim as a vocalist and a star of stage and screen. Paul Robeson was an inspirational global civil/human rights and social justice pioneer for people of diverse races and nationalities. He was outspoken on matters of world peace and the rights of labor workers. Robeson fought for the freedom of colonized people in countries throughout the world. Viewed as one of the most significant and influential figures of the 20th century, Paul Robeson was the ultimate renaissance man. We would be very grateful for your support of our mission to build Paul Robeson Plaza on the Rutgers College Avenue Campus. Thank you.

You don't need to be a Rutgers Class of 1971 member to support the 45th Milestone Class Gift of Paul Robeson Plaza

Click here to view renderings

The Excitement is Building

From University executives to academic leaders to students, resounding kudos for the Class of 1971 abound over us championing the Paul Robeson Plaza (PRP). If we work together, and “Stand With Robey” (Robeson’s nickname while at Rutgers) we will soon turn our vision into an inspirational and lasting reality, thanks to Class of 1971 alumni. Read the PRP Targum article here.

The Coordinated Plan

Word of PRP is spreading fast and our class gift could not come at a better time.  As Rutgers celebrated its 250th anniversary throughout last year, Robeson’s legacy was deservedly front and center. In November 2015, the Chancellor of Rutgers-New Brunswick, Dr. Richard Edwards, appointed leaders to the Task Force on Inclusion and Community Values. In complementing university-wide initiatives on inclusion and diversity, our gift of the PRP will serve as a beacon in celebrating the power of the human spirit, and in publicly proclaiming the life and legacy of one of Rutgers’ greatest advocates for national and global social justice: Paul Robeson.
Draft Rendering of Paul Robeson Plaza 

An initial draft rendering of PRP can be seen here. The PRP is both artistic and educational with an ellipse wall consisting of six images of Robeson etched into six black granite panels; excerpts from his Valedictory Address; and a second ellipse wall consisting of two benches with a beveled stone pillar in between, displaying a stirring Robeson quote. The backside of the image wall, facing Seminary Place will have signage indicating the name of the plaza and will recognize the Class of 1971 and all supporters of Paul Robeson Plaza by reserving personally inscribed granite pavers as a permanent part of the plaza.


OUR GOAL - $200,000 

Our fundraising goal is purposefully ambitious, and we need your help to achieve it.  Please join us in generously supporting this fitting tribute that brings the life achievements of Paul Robeson back to the very Rutgers ground where he grew and flourished in preparing for what would become an extraordinary life journey by this consummate Renaissance “Rutgers” Man.  You can make your gift to our Class of 1971 Fund by clicking here.

Class of 1971 Campaign Committee

James C. Savage
Campaign Chair

Claude E. White, Esq. 
Class President

Eugene G. Francis

Dr. Wayne H. Goldman 

Paul Von der Heyden

Robert M. Vance 

Ronald D. Wilson 


 Thank you for your support!  

Mr. Wayne L. Abbott
Dr. Martin N. Adickman
John W. Albohm, Esq.
Mr. Kenneth H. Arning
Mr. John E. Babb
Mr. Jonathan R. Bachofen
Mr. William E. Baker
Mr. Gary A. Barch
Mr. James F. Baumann
Mr. Richard P. Bayan
Mr. Joel S. Becker
Dr. Leonard L. Bethel
Ms. Veronica B. Bethel
Dr. Kenneth G. Bielen
Professor Jeffrey P. Bolson
Mr. Denniston E. Bonadie
Mr. Raymond J. Broek
Mr. Michael T. Bucci
Mrs. Rosalyn Cahill
Mr. William J. Cahill
Mr. Michael A. Canger III
Mr. Robert C. Cebrick
Ms. Lydia J. Chang
Dr. Harry I. Chernotsky
Mr. Robert J. Clerico
Mr. Jeffrey N. Cohen
Mr. Joseph C. Colosi
Mrs. Donna A. Cornell
Russell J. Cornell, M.D.
Ms. Ann Crome
Mr. Dale J. Crome
Ms. Yvette L. Cupid
Mr. Carl D. Daiker
Mr. James P. D'Alessandro
Mr. Clive S. Davis
Ms. Laniquah J. Demps
Mr. Anthony DiPace
Mr. Michael Patrick Ennis
Mr. Robert L. Ewart
Saverio C. Falco, Ph.D.
Mr. A. Stephen Farber, C.P.A.
Mitchell L. Ferges, M.D.
Joseph F. Fidler, Esq.
Mr. Eugene G. Francis
Ms. Janice Francis
Mr. Gilbert E. Garcia
Mr. Kofi Genfi
Ms. Eleanor A. Giachero
Ms. Margaret A. Gillis
Mr. Michael A. Glassett
Steven C. Goldberg, Esq.
Dr. Wayne H. Goldman
Dr. Alan P. Goodman
Mr. Elliot H. Greene
Mrs. Janet Greene
Mr. David H. Griggs
Ms. J. Denise Griggs
Mr. Harvey Grimsley
Ms. Lisa M. Grimsley
Mr. Steven D. Guttenplan
Mr. Hugh Barrington Hall
Ms. Kendall Hall
Mr. John A. Hamshar
Robert S. Hedges, D.O.
Mr. David S. Helming
Alberto Hernandez, Esq.
Mrs. Mimi Hickman-Perfetti
Mr. Franklin L. Homan
Mr. Kenneth Hopke
Bruce A. Hubbard, Esq.
Mrs. Constance Hubbard 
Mr. William B. Hughes
Mr. Iorwuese Ifan
Mr. Michael T. Jackson
Mr. Francis E. Johnson III
Mr. John Johnson
Mr. Peter H. Johnson
Mr. Kenneth E. Jones
Dr. Harvey Jordan Kaye
Mr. Frank Lee Kendrick
Ms. Elinor Kinland
Dr. Leonard C. Kinland
Mr. John D. Kinneman
Mr. Richard C. Klesse
Charles Timothy Koeller, Ph.D.
Mr. David A. Kozlowski
Paul M. Krueger, D.O.
Dr. Thomas A. Kursar
Ms. Pascale J. Lafontant
Mr. David G. Langridge
Jeffrey I. Lasker, M.D.
Mr. Robert N. Lener
Mrs. Karen D. Lockyer
Ms. Karen Lukenda
Mr. Lawrence L. Lukenda
Mr. John E. Lundin
Mr. Stephen M. Mahfood
Mr. William J. Mansmann
Mr. Anthony L. Marchetta
Ms. Maureen Mc Donnell Marchetta
Mr. Richard C. Marine
Mr. Anthony E. Mauro
Mr. George T. Mayer, Jr.
Mr. Frank M. McClellan
Ms. Simpdy Merelan, M.A.
Mr. Dwayne Middleton
Mr. Peter M. Oddo
Dr. Lawrence J. Perfetti
Mr. Arthur E. Pizzano, Jr.
Mr. Ira Polk
Mr. E. Bruce Powell
Mr. Thomas A. Reimer
Mr. Daniel L. Robinson
Mr. John Allen Robinson
Ms. Patricia S. Robinson
Eric R. Rosenberg, M.D.
Rutgers African-American Alumni Alliance
Mr. James C. Savage, Sr.
Mr. R. David Schaaf
Mr. Stephen L. Seid
Ms. Jennifer Sevilla
Kevin D. Sheehy, Esq.
Ms. Cynthia Shersick
Mr. Joseph Simpkins
Dr. Floyd D. Simpson
Mr. Michael A. Spero
Mrs. Nancy Spero
Mr. Robert M. Steinberg
Mr. William F. Stockwell
Mrs. Laurel Trow Stokes
Mr. Thomas J. Stokes
Mr. James H. Swan
Ms. Dorothy R. Thayne
Mr. Lewis E. Thayne
Ms. Miranda Lynch Thomas
Mr. William C. Tinklepaugh
Mr. Gary P. Tinney
Ms. Pamela Vance
Mr. Robert McNeely Vance
Dr. Bernice Proctor Venable
Mr. Joseph R. Viola, Jr.
Mr. Paul Von der Heyden
Ms. Paula A. Walcott-Quintin
Mr. Robert J. Wegrzen
Claude E. White, Esq.
Ms. Sonya A. Whited
Mrs. Kathleen Jean Wilson
Mr. Ronald D. Wilson
Patrick F. Zazzaro, M.D.

Make a gift in support of Paul Robeson Plaza

Paver Opportunity
PRP Sample Granite Paver
Paver Walkway
Plaza Rendering

December Postcard

40th – Establish the Dr. Jean Wilson Day Memorial Scholarship; Increase Class of 1971 Merit Scholarship Endowment; Support Rutgers Oral History Program; Support Glee Club

35th –Support Vincent Kramer Scholarship

25th – Endow Class of 1971 Merit Scholarship; Bicycle Path; Alexander Library

20th – University Libraries

10th – Alexander Library

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