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Board of Overseers

Created in 1973, the Rutgers University Foundation enhances Rutgers' mission of excellence in education, research, and public service. It has raised more than $1 billion over the last three decades.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Overseers, which consists of a maximum of 75 members, 19 of whom must be members of the university's Boards of Governors and Trustees or ex officio members.

The Rutgers University Foundation is a New Jersey corporation established under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code for educational and charitable purposes. Gifts made through the Foundation are deductible for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes to the extent allowed by the law.

Board Officers

Brian D. Perkins, Chair

Arthur Certosimo, Vice Chair

Peter D. Cherasia, Vice Chair

Nevin E. Kessler, President

J. Michael Gower, Treasurer

Christopher P. Zraly, Assistant Treasurer

Duncan L. MacMillan, Secretary

Arlene L. Rosol, Assistant Secretary

Board Members

Atiya Aftab, RC'88, NLAW'91

Roger G. Ackerman, '60, '62, Hon.'95
Overseer Emeritus

Shirley Aidekman-Kaye
Overseer Emerita

Beverly W. Aisenbrey, DC’75, RBSG’82

Richard A. Alaimo, '56

Joyce Albers-Schonberg, '65

Michael J. Angelides, '74, '82
Overseer Emeritus

Keith T. Banks, '77

Robert L. Barchi
Ex officio

Subha Barry

Barbara M. Bauer, '46

Felix M. Beck, '49, '53
Overseer Emeritus

Terry S. Bienstock, '78

Bruce B. Bingham, RC’68

Steven B. Boehm, '75, '78

Greg Brown, '82
Ex officio

Wendy Cai-Lee, DC’96

Robert E. Campbell, '62

Arthur Certosimo, '77

Charles T. Chang, ‘76

Chuck Chaplin, '78

Peter D. Cherasia, '84

Kevin J. Collins, '64, Hon.'01
Overseer Emeritus 

Alan M. Crosta Jr., '86

Steven M. Darien, '63

Louis T. DiFazio, '59
Overseer Emeritus

James Dougherty, '74

Harriett Druskin

Timothy Farrow, CLAW’99
ex officio

Dennis M. Fenton, '77

Scott Franzblau, '79

Albert R. Gamper, Jr., '66

Ronald J. Garutti, '67

Ronald W. Giaconia, '58
Overseer Emeritus

William V. Giaconia, 2009

Peter W. Gibson

Alan Goldberg, '58
Overseer Emeritus

Richard E. Goldman, '72

Michael N. Goodkind, '65

Leslie E. Goodman, '65, '70, '80
Overseer Emeritus

J. Michael Gower
Ex officio

Frederick E. Gruninger, '53, '61
Overseer Emeritus

David Harris, '79

Keiko T. Harvey, '72
Overseer Emerita

John J. Heldrich, '50, Hon.'99
Overseer Emeritus

Mark P. Hershhorn, '71

Richard W. Hill, '57
Overseer Emeritus

Carleton A. Holstrom, '62, Hon.'95
Overseer Emeritus

Frank B. Hundley, RC’86
ex officio

Paul B. Jennings, M.D., '45
Overseer Emeritus

Gretchen Wittenborn Johnson, '63
Overseer Emerita

Sharon E. Karmazin, '67, '69

Nevin E. Kessler
Ex officio

Herbert C. Klein, '51
Overseer Emeritus

Kenneth D. Lawrence, '74, '79

Walter L. Leib, '51, '53

Gerald H. Lipkin, '63

Duncan L. MacMillan, '66

James R. Maida, CLAW’90

Allan Maitlin, '58
Overseer Emeritus

Ernest Mario, '61, Hon.'92
Overseer Emeritus

Kevin D. McGrath, '88

Thomas McKay III RC’69

Vaughn L. McKoy, '90, '93

Alan Michels, '72, '74

Joel E. Miller, RC’63, RBS’64

Joseph A. Moroney, '94 

Robert E. Mortensen, '63

Bruce S. Nicholas, '49, '50
Overseer Emeritus

Gene O'Hara, '62, Hon.'04
Overseer Emeritus

Brian D. Perkins, '76

Louise Perrin RC’78

Daniel J. Phelan, '71

Jules L. Plangere, Jr., '44
Overseer Emeritus

Steven D. Plofker, '78, '93

Paul V. Profeta

Susan Reale, '96, '03

Norman Reitman, M.D., '32, Hon.'86
Overseer Emeritus

Daniel Reinhardt, '91

Thomas A. Renyi, '67, '68

Gary M. Rodkin, '74

Nicholas G. Rutgers IV, '50
Overseer Emeritus

Philip Scalo, '75, '78

Philip S. Schein, M.D., '61, Hon.'06

Kenneth M. Schmidt, '67

Leo B. Schoffer, '74

Richard H. Shindell, '57

David J. Stern, '63, Hon.'04
Overseer Emeritus

Steven H. Temares, '80

Marlene A. Tepper, '80

Anne M. Thomas, Hon.'99
Overseer Emerita

Amy L. Towers, Friend

John J. Vander Zee RC’85

Bernice P. Venable, '62, '67, '83
Overseer Emerita

Lucas J. Visconti SEBS’82

Karen R. Walsh, ‘88

Thomas D. Werblin, '76
Overseer Emeritus

Scott E. White, '95, '95

Timothy L. Whiteside, '83, '85

Dorian J. Wilson, '82

Ronald D. Wilson, '71

Benjamin S. Wolfe, '59, '64

Tara C. Young, '95


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