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The Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) Office works with faculty, staff, and administrators from across the university to attract philanthropic support from corporate and foundation sources for the university's priority projects, programs, research, and more.  

Let us help you find the funding you need to do the work you love!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the relationship between Rutgers University and the Rutgers University Foundation?
The Rutgers University Foundation (RUF) is a separate 501(c)(3) organization, managed by the Board of Overseers, chartered in 1973. RUF is the exclusive channel for all gifts to the university from all private sources including individuals, trusts, estates, corporations, foundations, and organizations, and its sole purpose of securing and administering private gifts for the benefit of Rutgers.

My proposal requires “institutional information." Where do I get that?
All institutional information included in a proposal for philanthropic support should represent RUF (not Rutgers or any unit therein). To obtain institutional information for RUF, please contact cfr@ruf.rutgers.edu with your request.

What is the “Gift Assessment Fee”?
Per Rutgers University Policy, a Gift Assessment Fee is taken from all philanthropic donations to the university, its faculty, and staff.  In the case of awards from corporate and foundation sources, the Fee is withheld from the overhead/indirect portion of the award (and is not in addition to it); however, if the funder has a preexisting, written policy disallowing the collection of overhead/indirect, the Fee is waived. The amount of the Fee is 10% for gifts less than $10,000 and 5% for gifts of $10,000 or more.

Does CFR help with endorsement forms?
An endorsement form captures all information necessary to process a research proposal to a sponsor, including information about the Gift Assessment Fee. All Endorsement Forms for gifts made in support of research must be signed by a CFR staff member, who will also include information relevant to collection of the Fee. Failure to obtain the necessary CFR signature will result in delays processing your Form, and potentially, in the availability of your award money.

I found a philanthropic RFP and would like to respond.  What should I do?

CFR can help you prepare materials to submit in a response to a Request for Proposal (RFP). In addition, when the number of Rutgers applicants allowed by the sponsor is finite (i.e. a limited submission opportunity), CFR can assist you in working with the Office of Research and Economic Development and other partners involved in the candidate selection process. We can then assist successful applicants in preparing their documents for submission. 

If you would like to respond to a philanthropic RFP, please contact cfr@ruf.rutgers.edu for assistance.

I’m new to Rutgers and am interested in seeking philanthropic support for my work – how do I get started?
Welcome to Rutgers!  There are numerous philanthropic opportunities available to you as a new faculty member – check out the CFR-provided resources available here and contact us directly for further support at cfr@ruf.rutgers.edu. For an additional listing of opportunities, including Limited Submission Opportunities, click here.

How do CFR Directors decide which projects to work on?

CFR has five Directors, each of whom possesses a “portfolio” of school assignments designed to ensure that all areas of the university have access to support. Because Rutgers has more than 22,000 faculty and staff, however; CFR Directors must prioritize which projects to champion, and which to offer a more guidance-focused level of assistance. 

Projects in need of substantial financial support (in excess of $100,000) that have been identified as among the university administration’s priorities can receive individualized support from CFR Directors.  Projects that are considered lower priorities, and those for which lower levels of funding are sought, are still very important, and PIs are encouraged to utilize CFR’s resources and guidance documents in their pursuit of philanthropic funding.

I’m with a legacy UMDNJ unit.  How can CFR help me find philanthropic support?

CFR has a close working relationship with our development colleagues all over the new Rutgers. Check out our staffing directory (below) to find the right person to work with for your individual needs.

Meet the Corporate and Foundation Relations Team

Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) is staffed by development professionals with a wide range of experience and areas of expertise, brought together by a common commitment to enhance Rutgers' ability to attract philanthropic support for the projects, programs, and outreach and education efforts that define the character and spirit this great institution. Each CFR Director has a portfolio of the schools, departments, centers, and institutes they support, as well as the various corporations and foundations with which they have established working relationships.

Mike Marion
Associate Vice President
Phone: 848.932.2349
Email: michael.marion@ruf.rutgers.edu

Anthony Nicotera
School Assignments: School of Engineering, School of Arts and Sciences, Bloustien School
Phone: 848-932-2350
Email: anthony.nicotera@ruf.rutgers.edu

Diane Blaszka
Director, Proposal and Content Development
School Assignments: All Campuses
Phone: 848-932-2338
Email: diane.blaszka@ruf.rutgers.edu

Peter Sobel
School Assignments: School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of New Brunswick, Douglass
Phone: 848-932-2341
Email: peter.sobel@ruf.rutgers.edu

Doug Mehan
School Assignments: School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, University Libraries, School of Social Work, Graduate School of Education
Phone: 848-932-2352
Email: doug.mehan@ruf.rutgers.edu

Maria Sorensen
Director, Foundation Relations
School Assignments: All Campuses
Phone: 848-932-2351
Email: maria.sorensen@ruf.rutgers.edu
Willis Richie
Development Assistant
School Assignments: All Campuses
Phone: 848-932-2336
Email: willis.richie@ruf.rutgers.ed
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