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Class of 1971:
Class Giving Goal

Goal of $350,000

Class Gift:
Build Paul Robeson Plaza

Class Gift Goal of $150,000


Click here to view renderings

The Excitement is Building

From University executives to academic leaders to students, resounding kudos for the Class of 1971 abound over us championing the Paul Robeson Plaza (PRP). If we work together, and “Stand With Robey” (Robeson’s nickname while at Rutgers) we will soon turn our vision into an inspirational and lasting reality, thanks to Class of 1971 alumni. Read the PRP Targum article here.

The Coordinated Plan

Word of PRP is spreading fast and our class gift could not come at a better time.  As Rutgers celebrates its 250th anniversary throughout this year, Robeson’s legacy is deservedly front and center. In November 2015, the Chancellor of Rutgers-New Brunswick, Dr. Richard Edwards, appointed leaders to the Task Force on Inclusion and Community Values. In complementing university-wide initiatives on inclusion and diversity, our gift of the PRP will serve as a beacon in celebrating the power of the human spirit, and in publically proclaiming the life and legacy of one of Rutgers’ greatest advocates for national and global social justice: Paul Robeson.
Draft Rendering of Paul Robeson Plaza 

An initial draft rendering of PRP can be seen here. The PRP is both artistic and educational with an ellipse wall consisting of six images of Robeson etched into six black granite panels; excerpts from his Valedictory Address; and a second ellipse wall consisting of two benches with a beveled stone pillar in between, displaying a stirring Robeson quote. The backside of the image wall, facing Seminary Place will have signage indicating the name of the plaza and will recognize the Class of 1971. 

OUR GOAL - $150,000 

Our fundraising goal is purposefully ambitious, and we need your help to achieve it.  Please join us in generously supporting this fitting tribute that brings the life achievements of Paul Robeson back to the very Rutgers ground where he grew and flourished in preparing for what would become an extraordinary life journey by this consummate Renaissance “Rutgers” Man.  You can make your gift to our Class of 1971 Fund by clicking here.

Participation Matters!

Every gift is important – every gift counts! 
Alumni participation is used to help determine school rankings and is considered a measure of alumni satisfaction!

  • Higher rankings = better reputation for:
    • Rutgers ongoing applications and admissions
    • Alumni employment
  • Alumni participation is used by financial institutions and foundations to determine their funding of Rutgers
  • Alumni participation represents the percentage of alumni who make a financial gift - of any amount - to their alma mater during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
  • Alumni participation = Total # of gifts ÷ Total # of Alumni

Help us to raise our class/alumni participation rate and achieve our class goals by making your gift today!

Make a gift in support of Paul Robeson Plaza

Inscribed pavers in the central oval of Paul Robeson Plaza now available to Class of 1971 members!

Paver Opportunity
PRP Sample Granite Paver
Paver Walkway
Plaza Rendering

December Postcard

40th – Establish the Dr. Jean Wilson Day Memorial Scholarship; Increase Class of 1971 Merit Scholarship Endowment; Support Rutgers Oral History Program; Support Glee Club

35th –Support Vincent Kramer Scholarship

25th – Endow Class of 1971 Merit Scholarship; Bicycle Path; Alexander Library

20th – University Libraries

10th – Alexander Library

Check or Money Order
You can mail a check or money order made payable to Rutgers University Foundation/Class of 1971 Fund to:
Rutgers University Foundation, Milestone Campaigns
303 George St., Suite 301
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
attn.: Cyndy Shersick


Cyndy Shersick
Director, Milestone Campaigns

Class of 1971 Honor Roll

The online honor roll lists everyone from our class who makes a gift during our 45th anniversary year.

Dr. Martin N. Adickman
Mr. Rudolf A. Adler
Mr. Laurence G. Agron
John W. Albohm, Esq.
Mr. Donald D. Aquila
Mr. Kenneth H. Arning
Bunce D. Atkinson, Esq.
Mr. John E. Babb
Mr. Jonathan R. Bachofen
Mr. William E. Baker
Murray R. Bakst, Ph.D.
Mr. Gary A. Barch
Mr. Richard P. Bayan
Dr. Robert J. Beach
Mr. Joel S. Becker
Mr. James G. Benedict
Mr. John H. Bicking
Dr. Kenneth G. Bielen
Mr. Robert W. Bing
Stephan A. Boiko, Esq.
Professor Jeffrey P. Bolson
Mr. Gary C. Bond
Mr. Robert Joseph Brandt
Mr. Raymond J. Broek
Mr. Michael T. Bucci
Mr. William R. Burd
Mr. Kenneth A. Buxbaum
Mr. William J. Cahill
Mr. Frederick Peter Campo
Mr. Michael A. Canger III
Mrs. Maria J. Cardaneo
Mr. Francis J. Cavanaugh
Mr. Robert C. Cebrick
Mr. Samuel O. Chapman, Jr.
The Honorable Michael B. Chavies
Dr. Harry I. Chernotsky
Mr. Robert J. Clerico
Mr. Larry P. Clymer
Michael B. Cohen, M.D.
Mr. Paul S. Collins
Mr. Joseph C. Colosi
Russell J. Cornell, M.D.
Mr. Nicholas Cowenhoven, Jr.
Mr. Dale J. Crome
Mr. James P. D'Alessandro
Mr. Carl D. Daiker
Dr. Frederick T. Davies, Jr.
Mr. Alan A. Davis
Mr. Joseph C. Decker, Jr.
Mr. Lorenzo A. DeLuca
Dr. Charles Henry Detjen
Mr. Anthony DiPace
Mr. Edward T. Down
Mr. Paul A. Dreyer
Mrs. Nancy M. Engle
Mr. Michael Patrick Ennis
Dr. Joel J. Epstein
Mr. Robert D. Erikson
Mr. Robert L. Ewart
Saverio C. Falco, Ph.D.
Mr. A. Stephen Farber, C.P.A.
Mr. Albert E. Fenstemacher
Mitchell L. Ferges, M.D.
Mr. Patrick J. Festa
Joseph F. Fidler, Esq.
Mr. Kenneth D. Fletcher
Mr. Eugene G. Francis
Mr. Gilbert E. Garcia
Dr. Stephen H. Garofalini
Ms. Barbara Ann Gates
Ms. Eleanor A. Giachero
Steven C. Goldberg, Esq.
Dr. Wayne H. Goldman
Mr. Michael P. Gollnick
Dr. Alan P. Goodman
Ms. Judith Anne Goodson
Mr. Gary C. Gray
Mr. Elliot H. Greene
Mr. Victor Gregor
Mr. David H. Griggs
Mr. Edward D. Gross
Mr. Harvey W. Gunther
Mr. Steven D. Guttenplan
Dean Leroy C. Haines, Jr.
Mr. John A. Hamshar
Mr. Walter M. Hazard
Robert S. Hedges, D.O.
Mr. David S. Helming
Ms. Lillian C. Henshaw-Lewis
Alberto Hernandez, Esq.
Mr. Mark P. Hershhorn
Mr. Franklin L. Homan
Mr. Kenneth Hopke
Mr. William B. Hughes
Mr. Michael T. Jackson
Mr. John D. Jeniec
Mr. Francis E. Johnson III
Mr. Peter H. Johnson
Mr. Kenneth E. Jones
Mr. Douglas S. Katko
Dr. Harvey Jordan Kaye
Mr. Frank Lee Kendrick
Mr. William S. Kerestes
Mr. Roger A. Kihm
Mr. Jeffrey H. King
Dr. Leonard C. Kinland
Mr. John D. Kinneman
Mr. Norman L. Kleeblatt
Mr. Dan Klepacki
Charles Timothy Koeller, Ph.D.
Mr. David A. Kozlowski
Paul M. Krueger, D.O.
Mr. Thomas A. Kujawski
Dr. Thomas A. Kursar
Ms. Marlene Pearly Lang
Mr. David G. Langridge
Mr. Steven E. Lanman
Jeffrey I. Lasker, M.D.
Dr. Roger L. Latzgo
Mr. Thomas E. Lavery
The Honorable Raymond J. Lesniak
Mr. John J. Levenson III
Mrs. Karen D. Lockyer
Mr. Lawrence L. Lukenda
Mr. John E. Lundin
Mr. Gary R. Madriss
Mr. Eric L. Madsen
Randall F. Maguire, M.D.
Mr. Stephen M. Mahfood
Mr. Robert V. Malanga, Jr.
Mr. William J. Mansmann
Mr. Anthony L. Marchetta
Mr. Richard C. Marine
Mr. Stanley J. Martin, Jr.
Mr. Peter Van Rensselaer Mason
Alfredo S. Masullo, M.D.
Mr. David M. Matzer
Mr. Anthony E. Mauro
Mr. George T. Mayer, Jr.
Mr. Derek W. Mc Grath
Mr. Wayne R. McKenna
Mr. Dominick R. Mellace
Reverend James G. Miller
Jess A. Miller, M.D.
Mrs. Phyllis E. Miller
Mr. A. Ally Mishal
Dr. John V. Moffa
Mr. Joseph R. Molinari
Mr. John W. Mooney
Mr. Michael R. Mosquera
Lt. Colonel George R. Murnyak
Mr. Steven J. Myles
Mr. Andrew J. Naporano, Jr.
Mr. Michael J. Natale
Mr. Donald C. Oblazney
Mr. Arthur A. Ochse, Jr.
Mr. Peter M. Oddo
Mr. William James Parente
James Julius Paul, M.D.
Samuel N. Pearl, M.D.
Mark Joel Pello, M.D.
Dr. Lawrence J. Perfetti
Mr. Alan M. Petrov
Dr. James E. Phillips, Sr.
Mr. Arthur E. Pizzano, Jr.
Mr. E. Bruce Powell
Mr. Erik F. Rasmussen
Mr. Thomas A. Reimer
The Reverend Douglas E. Remer
Frank D. Renda, P.E.
Mr. Barry R. Ress
Mr. Daniel L. Robinson
Mr. John Allen Robinson
Mr. Richard G. Rocamora
Eric R. Rosenberg, M.D.
Dr. Daniel Rossi
Kenneth P. Rubin, M.D.
Mr. Mario E. Russo
Mr. James R. Ryan
Mr. Gregory J. Sakal
Mr. James C. Savage, Sr.
John A. Scerbo, D.D.S.
Mr. R. David Schaaf
Mr. Michael Schuler
Mr. Stephen L. Seid
Mr. Ronald N. Seigle
Sidney Seligman, Esq.
Mr. Andrew M. Sereysky
Mr. Stephen L. Sheld
Mr. Joseph Simpkins
Mr. Henry C. Smock
Mr. Michael A. Spero
Edward G. Sponzilli, Esq.
Mr. Arthur M. Spooner
Mr. Robert M. Steinberg
Robert F. Stevens, Ph.D.
C. Gregory Stewart, Esq.
Mr. William F. Stockwell
Mr. Thomas J. Stokes
Mr. John J. Sudia
Mr. Paul James Sundermier
Mr. James H. Swan
Mr. Mike Taibbi
Mr. Lewis E. Thayne
Mr. Gary P. Tinney
Mr. Lawrence O. Topping
Mr. Thomas A. Tuskowski
Mr. Thomas F. Ulan
Mr. Robert McNeely Vance
Robert J. Verdile, Ph.D.
Mr. Joseph R. Viola, Jr.
Mr. Paul Von der Heyden
Mr. Philip A. Walker
Mr. James F. Walsh
Mr. Robert J. Wegrzen
Ms. Jane Bray Weihmiller
Mr. Larry A. Wentz
Mr. Claude E. White, Esq.
Mr. Richard M. White
Mr. Ronald D. Wilson
James P. Winder, Ph.D.
Gary B. Witman, M.D.
Dr. Robert A. Wojciak
Robert S. Yuhas, M.D.
Mr. Joel Stewart Yura
Patrick F. Zazzaro, M.D.
Mr. John E. Zoog
Mr. Barry H. Zucker
James Andrew Zwiebel, M.D.
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